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Dan GersteinOne of the most important things I learned in national politics is that the source of true power is the power to persuade. It may not seem obvious, but the same lesson holds true for any institution, business, or group that depends on winning the trust of consumers or stakeholders to survive and succeed. They may have different agendas, audiences, and resources. But they all share the same critical interest in building public confidence in the stories they are telling and selling – whether it’s about soap or on top of soap boxes.

My practice is focused on applying that philosophy to meet the diverse communications and advocacy needs of a diverse client base. To leverage my unique blend of experience, talent, and contacts to help private companies and organizations to maximize their power of persuasion. To hone a client’s strategies to break through in a dense and dissonant marketplace, win public debates, defuse potential controversies, and enhance their branding and standing. And ultimately to expand their customer or support base and reach their larger goals – be it attaining higher profits or higher consciousness.

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Dan Gerstein, Senior Lieberman Advisor, Launches New York-based Strategic
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